Consumer Logic Research

Consumer Logic Research is founded on the belief that robust and up to date research begins with objective consumer representation and design. Learn more about us below.

Private Participants

Potential research participants are invited to sign up for our panel on an invite-only basis through a variety of channels (e.g., email, phone, social media, store-intercept, door-to-door, community events, etc.) ensuring broad representation across profiles.

Diverse Insights

Each participant joining a particular research study is validated to ensure “no robots” nor duplicates and only permitted to participate in a limited number of studies in a year, encouraging fresh and diverse insights from a range of perspectives.

Our Panel

Participants represent a wide range of diverse perspectives, incentivized by community giving, paid surveys, paid focus groups, and other rewards. We cover a range of research industries: home insurance, health/wellness, technology and finance.

Unique Partnerships

Exploring what drives UK cultural values from the heart of the country, highlighting consumer behaviour, values and media trends since 2019. We also work with our partners in affiliate-based collaborations alongside our consumer market research.

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